Working as a team in times of social distancing

Working as a team in times of social distancing

Hello everyone,

I hope every one of you is staying home. When I had wished all of you a happy and fruitful 2020, I had never imagined that we would be facing these unprecedented times in our work life.

As the total lockdown becomes the new normal in the next few weeks across India, I am grateful to all of you for giving your best while working from home. As all of you know, we mandated WFH even before the total lockdown came into effect. We had been monitoring the situation since February when the initial coronavirus positive cases were reported in Bangalore. We had already installed protocols within the office to prevent any infection—of Covid-19 or otherwise; remote working was just the next step for which we were prepared.

We came out with guidelines for those of you who stayed as paying guests or in hostels, or similar community living to relocate to their hometowns or with extended families within the city. Today, when the complete lockdown is in effect and there is chaos around, EDC is functioning smoothly.

I am happy to announce that despite remote working, we have been meeting our delivery deadlines. In part, this has been due to all team leaders being cognizant of the situation and adapting their deliverables accordingly. In part, it is because of our own disaster recovery plans that were put into motion as soon as the situation turned critical. Our one-day remote working DR drill—when all of us functioned away from office—couple of months ago greatly helped us to transition into the ‘working from home’ scenario without many hiccups. For EDC, business has been as usual despite the lockdown.

I would like to thank all of you for stepping up, working round-the-clock and aiding Ecolab while they reorganized hygiene and sanitation requirements for their customers in the face of the global outbreak. The leadership in the US has been appreciative of our collective work—even remote functioning—that hasn’t been affected in spite of all the restrictions.

Recruiting and new employee onboarding is also under way. Our talent acquisition teams are working remotely to get the required personnel on board without much delay using virtual means. But that’s all about work.

While I am happy that EDC’s operations haven’t suffered due to the lockdown, I hope you all are taking care of yourselves as well. I have no doubt every one of you is taking ownership of your respective roles and have discipline towards the work, but I also want you to be holistically well.

Take regular breaks from your workstation.

Stretch to the count of 10.

Give your eyes a 10-second break every few hours.

Drink plenty of water.

In times of social distancing, we are only separated physically. We are still Ecolab Digital Center and we are all connected by our work, and our work ethics. I will give us all a collective pat on the back for planning, prioritizing and adapting according to need.

Stay home and stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Malahar Pinnelli