It’s about how well we work together

It’s about how well we work together

Ever since E-Milan was formed, the team has learnt more about each other as teammates and potential leaders.

As we get closer to the end of our first year as Ecolab Digital Center (EDC), in Bangalore, we have grown an incredible amount. With now over 160 colleagues in the EDC family it’s important that we make time to come together as a team. That’s why we started E-Milan, a committee to organize occasions that would strengthen the ties that bind us together.

We came up with the name E-Milan to represent our intention as a group. The ‘E’ stands for Ecolab Digital Center, while ‘milan’ means ‘get-together’ in Hindi. Every month, my E-Milan teammates and I, work to bring one experience to life that helps foster relationships and build trust across the entire EDC family.

In a fast growing organization, we thought it would be fun to have this structured monthly cadence dedicated to helping build our own unique work culture.

E-Milan teams meets every week to take stock of what needs to be done.

We meet every week to take stock of what has been happening, and what needs to be done. And ever since getting involved, we’ve had a lot of fun, learned more about each other as teammates and potential leaders.

Our very first organized event, back in February, was a collage competition.  Saying ‘we had fun’ is a bit of an understatement. I mean, it’s not every day a bunch of technologists have to describe what our teams do in a craft form.

After the collage competition, we had the Holi celebrations, then a cooking without fire challenge.

In the past couple of months, we have moved our offices to this swank new floor where we have organised our ‘yoga at the desk’ to commemorate the International Day of Yoga; we planted saplings around our office as part of our World Environment Day initiatives.

Events that are planned by this very vivacious group of people need their own signature brand.

All our ideas come to fruition out of fun brainstorms and teamwork. As my E-Milan teammate Supriya describes us: “This is a forum for all EDC employees to put their best foot forward. Each event means we get to improve our individual leadership skills.”

I remember when the first e-mail was sent out listing why this team was required. I realized I picked the right place to make a career move. The idea behind the formation of E-Milan has been to ensure that EDC has a healthy active social community, to unify the diverse people within the organisation.

The most satisfying thing about being part of E-Milan is knowing that each event we plan gives our broader EDC family an opportunity step outside their daily work, make friends, and interact in an informal setting.

Having this team, this committee, has been one of the building blocks for a great atmosphere at EDC, and a truly special part of my job.

EDC was created to help develop new technology and insights that will help Ecolab customers make a meaningful impact — we develop digital solutions that help make the world cleaner, safer, and healthier. This can only be done with global collaboration. So, what better way to start than to have fun activities that facilitate communication, motivate employees and promote creativity.

I know for me, there isn’t any better time spent than that focused on building something as sustainable as a fun place to work.

Soumya Sheshadri

Delivery Manager at EDC

E-Milan Team Member