EDC Roundup 2018

EDC Roundup 2018

As I finally sit down to write my new year message in the middle of February, I recognize how busy these past few months have been. Yet, I know the time for reflection is valuable and I hope my excitement for what we have already accomplished and for what is to come connects with you too.

If things that happened are a clue for things to come, we can expect an exciting 2019. Ecolab Digital Center launched spectacularly, and we had Anil Arcalgud, Charles F. Koontz and Patricia Connolly join us for a truly special event. It was wonderful to highlight our culture and preview the work to come with the team and the many other Ecolab dignitaries who joined us for the inauguration.

But as we all know, we have been “open for business” since October 2018.

Even as we concentrate on our path ahead this year, I am grateful for all the opportunities 2018 brought us, and EDC. I am thankful that Ecolab developed a strategy to tap into the incredible global digital talent in order to achieve their digital-led missions. EDC will be a key enabler for Ecolab’s IT and CDS strategic goals. For this they chose SMC2 be the partners to establish their Indian digital operations… and what better place than the Indian Silicon Valley, our garden city, namma Bengaluru. Thank you, Anil and Charles, for having the vision and being the driving force behind this effort.

From our initial days at WeWork to now in our own space in Bhartiya City, we have come a long way in a very short time. As we all know the first people are the ones that set the tone for what the Company will become in the future. I am happy to see ours have been the leaders who are already working towards building teams, and thus building our name.

Since our inception, we have been very particular about creating our vision and strategy for capabilities—for this we went for the topdown approach, and I am glad this strategy has worked well for us. What was unexpected was the speed with we grew from 5 to 50, to now almost 100 and I am sure we will continue to grow.

I am really proud to announce that we already have teams delivering business value to Ecolab. Our rapid innovation teams have been established to drive an idea to its finality, this is also a critical piece for any digital transformation. We are now working towards building the right culture that will continue to bring value at a much deeper level—be it in providing business solutions or IT and related services for Ecolab and our teams at EDC.

All this joy is multiplied when we know that our work is creating “impact what matters”. Our work differentiates us because this is our contribution towards solving environmental issues, making our earth a better place for us and our future generations.

I wish you all a very happy 2019!